Financing Solutions

Equity Solutions

Sencap understands the challenges of transforming development concepts into financeable projects – and that often it is the risk capital that limits an owner’s plans. Sencap has therefore created two solutions to provide its clients with the equity capital needed for their infrastructure, real estate, and seniors housing projects…

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Equity Solutions

1 Sencap LTC Fund

The Sencap LTC Fund (the “Fund”) is a specialized equity fund created specifically and solely to support the development, construction, and operation of long-term care facilities in Ontario. Managed by Sencap, the Fund provides direct equity investments of up to approximately $10 mln for the development of Greenfield long-term care homes by both not-for-profit and for-profit operators.

Fund Features and Benefits:


Provides all development capital necessary, included funding of land, pre-construction costs, and construction performance support


Through its development and construction relationships, sources and acquires project land, assists in design, and constructs the facility – all in concert with the operator/license holder


Acts as borrower – and leverages its funding relationships to obtain the most competitive, fixed-rate, long-term construction and take-out financing in the market


On completion of the facility, the operator enters into a long-term lease of the facility, thus maintaining full control and oversight of all clinical/operational activities


At maturity of the lease, the facility is handed-back to the operator, unless purchased earlier at the operator’s discretion under the buy-back option


The Sencap LTC Fund provides an elegant and innovative solution to long-term care operators grappling with the challenges of land acquisition, and development costs/expertise, while allowing them to fully focus on resident care, while always ensuring they maintain full control of their operation.

2 Equity Partners

Sencap has developed several strategic partnerships to provide equity investments more broadly - for infrastructure, real estate, and private pay seniors housing.

Our equity partners specialize in creating, developing, and partnering with strong management teams in order to bring strategic real-asset backed investments to life.

These partnerships allow Sencap to arrange equity capital investments of between $10 mln and $100 mln for its clients, for development and/or scalable investment opportunities across North America.